Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Forgotten

I walked into the light that defines me as a mother,
as a woman,
as a caregiver,
as a wife,
not taking for granted the life
that we once shared together.
Bring peace between two human beings,
to produce happiness,
because you were my happiness.
And that's where my mistakes lied.
Trying to cradle you in my arms,
to ban you from all harm,
because as a woman I tend to react as a protector.
Forgetting to shield myself,
but you were all that mattered. 
I woke up everyday with one mission,
while you were fishing, and feining for self,
I continued to walk,
Not responding,
My line gone flat,
Trying to revive myself
Still, Not responding.
I became a walking zombie
baby yelling mommy
and I still can't move
trying to come to terms with how I landed in this state of mind,
Confused, because I was a good woman.
I saw the light,
I walked through without any regrets,
I'll never forget, or let it be forgotten
That I gave my all to what made me happy
and I let it become the death of me
dying with no sympathy
because I forgot about self,
and he forgot too. 

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