Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The come up
The feeling starts in my feet then exits out my mouth
like throw up.
Enough said.
Known me for years
and still wonders what flows threw my head
Don't worry, I contemplate on it too
the only difference is I forget about it
and it flows through my ink that scribbles down on my pad
I wish I could gain a complete understanding
but God wishes for me to learn the lesson
and refuses to just throw me answers
So I gotta keep pushing
aiming at that goal that started all the questions,
I thank Him for my blessings
and for continuing to keep me grounded,
even in the midst of the hounds
I got around
Saw the light at the end of the tunnel
and although I haven't reached it yet, I'm coming.
I'm not forgotten nor forsaken, I'm running.
The world was never the hindrance
it was only myself
but I'm coming.
Learning, fighting, dying
then reviving myself still reaching for the light
I'm coming.
Never to hold my head down again,
never to mistake those as friends
I'm coming.
And once I get there
I will fly!

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